ADU Magazine Community Guidelines

ADU Magazine aims to create a platform publication of compelling content and ideas. In some cases, opportunity for discussion and comment may be provided around articles, posts, images, etc. In that event, we want to give individuals the opportunity to have meaningful dialog and input. This in mind, ADU Magazine supports civil discourse, contribution, and activities.

The following are our community guidelines:

We expect you to be respectful and civil to other community members, even if you disagree or hold different opinions.

We do not allow harassing, threatening, racist, abusive, hateful, violent, vulgar, or obscene content (language, behavior, or images). We will remove, in our sole discretion, any content that we deem to be offensive without warning.

Participation in, encouragement, or any suggestion to engage in any illegal behavior is cause for immediate deletion and suspension of posting privileges, any accounts, and may be reported to the appropriate authorities. It might also result in other applicable measures.

No copyrighted material owned by others may be posted without the permission of the copyright owners.

Spamming, phishing, automated positing, deceptive redirects, or site flooding is not permitted.

No unapproved commercial solicitation or advertising is allowed.

If you are posting for comment, public discussion, or a forum. Do not post personal or any other identifying information, such as your name, address, telephone number, etc. Also, do not post any personal information about a third party. Additionally, content that impersonates a person, group, brand, or business is not allowed.

Please keep in mind that although other users may claim and represent that they hold knowledge, abilities, and expert status (legal, financial, engineering, construction, commercial, medical, etc.) they might not necessarily possess these. We encourage you to use discretion in following their advice.

All posted content may be used by ADU Magazine and its parent companies in any and all media, including (but not limited to) Websites, Magazines, Books and other mediums or technology platforms that might exist or may be developed in the future.

We reserve the right to remove any and all content that we believe violates this Code of Conduct. The safety and wellbeing of our community, journalists/staff and audience are of paramount importance to ADU Magazine.

Corrections Policy

ADU Magazine is committed to providing entertainment and educational content to our readers as well as journalism and reporting. When we learn about a rare inaccuracy in our journalistic or reporting activities, we strive to correct errors as quickly as possible. This might include running an update to correct the error and/or potentially editor’s note at the bottom and/or top of the posting in question to provide some context for the change.

A Contact link is located at the bottom of our website homepage, providing a method for readers to email comments and inquiries, including specific concerns about factual inaccuracies.

Privacy Policy

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