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ADU Magazine celebrates Accessory Dwelling Units, small/tiny homes, mini spaces, and flexible indoor/outdoor living areas.

We are dedicated to empowering homeowners and entrepreneurs to advance the sustainable living movement with information, education, and inspiration through our platform. Celebrate life with us as we share small home style and design while providing compelling content.

As the ultimate guide for exceptional living in small spaces, we aim to create/inspire harmony between life, work, family, and opportunity.

By engaging our readers and creating an online community that celebrates life and its experiences, we hope to captivate you through our storytelling and share with you vibrant designs and ideas. All while featuring our favorite finds in food, products, and services that empower you to thrive.

Journey with us as we investigate the ADU movement and the many options of living big, while living small.

ADU Magazines Nine Themes for Better Living

ADU Magazine – Driven by our Nine Home Themes For Better Living

To help you live better, ADU Magazine, as one of our network of shelter magazines, created its Nine Home Themes For Better Living that are the foundation of a happy home and a way to a better life. 

We identified and developed these themes through years of research, survey, and interaction with homeowners, builders, and contractors.  Through our investigations, we discovered that overwhelmingly the trend of thought about homes and property had moved away from that of early American generations that saw them more as life-sustaining resources.

Today, homes are primarily seen as shelter and investments that potentially gain monetary value (often the largest purchase an individual will ever make). Supporting these themes, we have set out to help Redefine the meaning of shelter in American thought and its place in the modern world.

We encourage individuals to think of their homes in terms of being resources that empower their lives, provide opportunities to create wealth beyond simple equity, build family and social bonds, are in investment in self-care, and should ideally exist as an agency into multiple generations.

Our Nine Themes provide knowledge and help support homeowners and entrepreneurs – encouraging them to think about their spaces, homes, and lives in a way that Redefines Shelter. They are embedded and tied to ADU Magazine’s mission, vision, and values. We strive to help our readers embrace the unlimited opportunities and solutions available to everyday problems and challenges that we all face throughout the different phases of our lives while living better at home.

Why ADUs?

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are trending throughout the country. With them, the possibilities of helping provide solutions to lack of housing issues and the affordability crisis gripping many areas of the nation.

ADU magazine is excited to be part of this new movement with the mission of being the definitive resource for information, questions, and inspiration related to ADUs.

Just as each ADU is unique to its owner and occupants, so are the reasons for creating or building one on your property. And, just as the use of your primary home may evolve over time, so might functions and those living in your ADU change. ADUs are an embodiment of a trend of living, economics, and the reality of American life. A movement that also supports moving towards more sustainable and multi-functional living that can empower each of us.

Beyond sharing articles, stories, and content, ADU Magazine is making theory into reality, with the funding of demonstration and prototype projects, services models, and landmark ADU Idea House developments.

We encourage you to jump in and dive deep with us to learn more about ADUs.