352 Sq Ft Modern Coastal Tiny Home Oasis

Modern Beach Front Getaway

This tiny home beachfront getaway in sunny San Diego is the perfect example of creating a space to rest and relax and makes a simple, cozy, modern space that exceeds its small footprint.

Kitchen - Image by Krystin Krebs

Size of Home:  352 Square 
Type: ADU
Construction: Prefab / Modular ADU – Tiny Home
Style: Contemporary


Why did we build it?

To have a vacation home by the sea.

Living Room - Image by Krystin Krebs

Interior Designer:

Krystin Krebs Interiors


Rebuilding Green

Advice to homeowners about ADU’s and creating a small space they’ll love?

In small spaces, go with white as much as possible to make the space feel larger.

Bedroom - Image by Krystin Krebs

Your Favorite Things about the ADU

This project was a lot of fun because it is a vacation home. It’s a place to escape the every day hustle and bustle. Nestled against the coastline in sunny San Diego, it’s the perfect place to set your phone down, go play at the beach, and relax.

My favorite part of this project was figuring out how to layer shades of white on top of one another, without making it look sterile. I did this by selecting unique shapes, soft fabrics, and warm tones of white to give that cozy costal feel.

Bathroom - Image by Krystin Krebs

What ADU Magazine loves about the Modern Coastal Tiny Home 

This modern tiny beach home maximizes space while it feels light, bright, and airy. The many shades of white make this home warm and inviting, bringing in natural elements that you associate with a beach house retreat by incorporating hues that you would naturally find by the beach and nature, such as brown, green, and grey.

Exterior - Image by Krystin Krebs


Rebuilding Green


Krystin Krebs Interiors

Main Feature Image by Krystin Krebs


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