Contemporary Modern Aging In Place ADU

Multigenerational living nestled in Suburbia

The Addison ADU located in beautiful Berkeley, California sets the bar high as an example of how to create an elegant, comfortable, and practical solution to help families age in place. Maintaining an owner’s independence, all the while being close to those who you hold near and dear.  This functional and beautifully designed ADU was built with indoor-outdoor living in mind to enjoy the excellent weather the San Francisco North Bay has to offer.

The interior was designed to provide convenience, mobility, and safety in preparation for aging-in-place and assisted living. The large skylights and windows combined with a vaulted ceiling produce plenty of natural lighting – essential for older eyes and the owner’s painting hobby. The roofline was designed to be obscure from the backyard neighbors while maintaining a sense of privacy. The L-shaped home also creates a welcoming interior and exterior space for family gatherings. 

Indoor Outdoor Living - Image by Ellyce Moselle

Size of Home: 600 Square 
Type: ADU
Construction: Detached Garage Conversion to ADU
Style: Contemporary Modern Aging in Place ADU


Why did we build it?

At just under 600 square feet, the Addison ADU allows a three-generation family to greatly improve their quality of life in a dense suburban neighborhood and continue building treasured family memories.

Front Entrance - Image by Ellyce Moselle


McDunn Construction, Inc.

Advice to homeowners about ADUs and creating a small space theyll love?

Hire a design team that lives and works exclusively in your geographic area. Builder (McDunn Construction) collaborated with the design team, Inspired ADUs of Oakland, CA.

Dining Area - Image by Ellyce Moselle

Your Favorite Things about the ADU

An elegant, comfortable, functional, and practical solution to help an individual age in place, maintain owner’s independence, and be near family. The great design of this home with high-quality building, amazing finishes, and detailed workmanship were delivered by unpretentious craftspeople to an fantastic family to enjoy for generations to come. 

Bathroom - Image by Ellyce Moselle

What ADU Magazine loves about Addison ADU

As an inspiration, we love that Addison ADU is a unique dwelling.

The Builder and Designer collaborated to create a home that worked for the unique aging in place needs of the owner while  serving as multifunctional space for three generations of family living.

The bathroom and kitchen were well thought out. We also loved the lighting, both natural and enhanced throughout. The small but impactful details such as extra storage in the built-in dining area and creation of a loft area are fantastic!

Its 600 square feet of contemporary, modern, and homey living, while not being pretentious.

Kitchen - Image by Ellyce Moselle
Great Room - Image by Ellyce Moselle

Meet the Builder: McDunn Construction, Inc.

Meet the Designer: Inspired ADUs

Main Feature Image by Ellyce Moselle

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