ADU: The Perfect Guest Lodging

Everyone wants to visit, where do they stay? In the ADU or JADU, of course!

Yes, it is not the first thing that comes to mind when building one, but ADUs are excellent as guest units. The cost of motels and hotels is increasing daily., in its estimation of hotel accommodations, projects the average daily rate at an average hotel in the United States was $102.46 as of August 2020., which tracks costs, noted that the average daily rate for a couple in California was $184.

They additional calculate that a family coming to visit for a week can quickly add up. A weeklong trip for two people for one week in California, as an example, costs an average of $2,780 when you factor in meals and local transportation.

An extra room in your home is good for the night or few days visit, but having an ADU or JADU is a better option as it is a dedicated and self-contained space. Giving your guest, and you, separate living quarters and privacy.

And, if the guest(s) wants to contribute back to some of their stay with you, they are more than welcome to do so. When not used, the unit can also potentially used as a rental.


Just as each ADU is unique to its owner and occupants, so are the reasons for creating or building one on your property. And, just as the use of your primary home may evolve over time, so might the function and those living in your ADU change.

Following find some of the most typical reasons why you might build an ADU or JADU.

An additional living space for a Caretaker, Nanny and those that assist or provide services to family.

“In-Law quarters” is perhaps one of the most recognized names and uses for an ADU or JADU.

A dedicated home office  or study space is now one of the most in demand hotlist items for homeowners.

Everyone wants to visit, where do they stay? In the ADU or JADU, of course! 

Having an ADU or JADU represents a potential rental income stream – one that can be leveraged against your existing primary unit.

Sort of a reverse version of building an ADU on your property for In-Laws to occupy. Except, in this case, you would be building it for yourself.

Having an ADU or JADU allows a young adult child that returns home to continue progressing in their own space while pulling family resources.

An ADU or JADU can be the thing that offers flexibility in a variety of different situations as unexpected temporary housing needs arise.


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